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Preakness.com launches on Grails

Today we launched the new Preakness 134 site based on Grails. Yeay. Check it out.

The Preakness Landing Site

The Preakness Landing Site


refundroadtrip.ca goes live on Grails

Ok, I'm a bit late on this but I've been quite busy the last weeks. Tomás already blogged about this quite some time ago but now I want to showcase what we did as there is a lot of interesting technology in there. The page we built is live on http://www.refundroadtrip.ca/ and sports an interesting Google Maps mashup and YouTube integration.

At this point I want to thank all the great people that worked so hard with me to get this project done.

Thank you.

If I find some time I will blog about my experiences integrating all those technologies. Might be some time though.

Update 19/02/2009: We made it to the Marketing Mag! Yeay!